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 Vip & In-game Money Information

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PostSubject: Vip & In-game Money Information   Vip & In-game Money Information EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 6:19 am

The following are donation prices for [SD] Gaming.
if you would like to donate, please click the donate button on the bottom of the post

In-game cash
$3,000 - $3.00
$10,000 - $6.00
$50,000 - $18.00
$100,000 - $26.00
$500,000 - $36.00
$2,000,000 - $46.00
$10,000,000 - $56.00
$100,000,000 - $66.00
Infinite amount of money - $76.00

$50, after you have bought mod and have had it for awhile, you can apply for admin. The reason our price is so high, is to ensure that you are dedicated to our server and will try your best not to abuse.
you can apply for admin here: http://sdservers.forumotion.com/f9-admin-applications

Vip & In-game Money Information Donate_paypal
once you click the button above, enter the amount you would like to donate, and enter the email address: kollinm78@gmail.com then, create a topic in this section with the format i have provided
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Vip & In-game Money Information
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