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 Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing

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Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing Empty
PostSubject: Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing   Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 1:40 pm

General Rules:
1.)Do not apply other server rules toward this server
2.)No hacking or exploiting
3.)Do not tell an admin how to do their job
4.)Do not advertise other servers
5.)Do not evade admin punishment(gag, ban, kick, mute, silence, etc.)
6.)Do not spam chat(microphone and sound emitters included)
7.)Respect an admins decision and DO NOT argue with it(it makes the situation worse)
8.)Do not request an admin to take action without providing substantial proof
9.)No smart remarks or flaming is allowed in OOC
10.)Respect all players, Disrespect is not tolerated on this server
11.)Flaming, Harassment, and threats are not tolerated under any circumstances in OOC
12.)No Nude, Pornographic, Disgusting sprays or anything similar deemed inappropriate by our staff

Dark-RP Rules:
1.)You must follow the NLR( New Life Rule)
-Players that have just died must not be in the area where they died for 3 minutes
2.)NLR means when you are allowed to return to the area you must not remember anything in your past life
3.)Do not spam job votes
4.)Do not spam text-screens or signs
5.)Do not spam your camera flash
6.)Do not spam your flashlight
7.)Do not build in the streets
8.)You can not shoot at people for no reason. You must have a reasonable cause for shooting at someone
9.)Do not abuse your job. Use your job for what it was intended to do.Giving items that are job specifc to another person (battering ram etc.) to someone who is not a cop is not allowed
10.)Do not demote someone without a good reason
11.)Stealing cars is allowed but you may be arrested

Other Dark-RP Rules:

1.)In order to arrest, warrant, or kill someone you must gain proof of illegal activity
2.)You can not kidnap someone and have a keypad(or lock pick) as the only way out or in this makes it hard for not only law enforcement but also the person kidnapped
3.)Law enforcement can not keypad crack or battering ram without a warrant
4.)Do not block another persons signs with your props or signs
5.)As a guard you are not allowed to kill anyone unless they are inside the person you are gaurding's property
6.)The mayor may make laws if they are reasonable or have admin approval, otherwise they are not valid
7.)All guns except pistols must be out holstered(put away) or otherwise you can be arrested for it

Rules Related To Killing:

1.)DO NOT RDM( Random Death Match)
- You can not kill people without a good reason. Gang wars are allowed as long as they do not last for a extended amount of time
- If you are a thief and you try to mug someone the maximum amount of money you can ask for is 500$, If they do not comply you are allowed to kill. Be warned that running around to every person on the server and doing this is RDM and will result in unwanted admin interaction.
2.)Hitmen must do ./advert Hit Accepted when a hit is accepted and ./advert Hit Completed when it is done in order for the killing to not be RDM
3.)You can kill someone on your property for trespassing but only after you have warned them and given them reasonable time to leave
4.)Do not stun stick random people
5.)You can not kill law enforcement if they are trying to arrest you (Stun stick VS gun is not fair), If they pull out their gun you can shoot them otherwise just keep running (you will loose them sooner or later)
6.)Multiple hits on the same person are not allowed (NLR)
7.)Raiding is allowed only if you are not killing. You cannot kill someone if they do not comply to your orders. On the other hand you are allowed to scare them but no killing unless you are being shot at also

Prop Related Rules:

1.)Do not prop block anything, Windows are an exception
2.)Do not detour or reroute the default map pathways in any way
3.)Do not prop climb or prop surf, Making a stairway inside your own property is allowed
4.)You can not prop-block an entry or exit to your area. If there is a fading door a keypad or button must be connected to it
5.)Do not spam props
6.)Do not spawn props in other peoples homes or property without permission
7.)Pushing someone excessively with a car counts as prop pushing
8.)No walking around carrying your car, Its fail RP

Door and Property Rules:

1.)Your property is within your OWNED doors. You should not build outside of it.
2.)All keypads and buttons that are linked to a door must be within a reasonable distance of the door they activate
3.)If someone owns a door in a building, do not own any other doors within that property unless it is the apartments or hotel
4.)Keypads linked to a fading door must have a 5 second hold time
5.)You can not close your fading door manually if someone is trying to break in
6.)All default doors must be able to be lock picked or keypad cracked
7.)You can prop block but only if a fading door with a keypad is located that gives access to it
8.)Do not build in public streets cars must have access to all roads
9.)Do not buy any door when a persons props are in there. They may have been DC/D and they might be rejoining shortly
10.)You can only kill people for trespassing if you have a completely visible sign before your door and it warns the player (EX:"KOS past this point") they must be able to see it and you can not kill anyone who leaves after trespassing
14.)You can not have multiple fading doors stacked next to each other unless a player can fit in between and lock pick or keypad crack without a problem

Dark-RP Laws:

1.)You may not be a corrupt mayor.
2.)It is against the law to trespass on another property(See rule #10 under Door and Property Rules) 3.)It is against the law to have a weapon drawn in public unless you are a cop
4.)It is against the law to cause a public disturbance ( Continuous knocking, Gravity gunning, and camera flashing)
5.)It is against the law to random weapon check without a warrant(you will be arrested and demoted)

Any of the laws under Dark-RP Laws that are broken will result in a arrest
Mayors are allowed to add laws (laws of the land sign) but they must be reasonable

Please Suggest any new laws on our forum and they might be approved

LAWS MADE BY OWNAGE9981 AKA Simply • Strategic

Last edited by Ownage9981 on Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:17 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Fixing Some Loopholes.)
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Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing   Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 2:15 pm

Wow this is awesome! approved + added! thank you so much
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Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing Empty
PostSubject: Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing Reply   Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 7:04 pm

I love it!
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Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing   Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing Empty

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Dark-RP Rules : The WHOLE thing
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